Friday, December 17, 2004


IT'S CHRISTMAS BREAK! WE MADE IT! Viral warnings have been lurking around our home this week...a sore back here, a raspy throat there. We just needed to make it to tonight, and WE DID IT. We are terminally linked to the academic calendar, thanks to my husband's employment as a school teacher, and Christmas Break is one of the true and lovely advantages. (Not to be confused with the mythical benefits of leaving work at three each day, and having "the whole summer" off. I won't bore you with that Just trust me -- it's not true.)

So, we are set for our Return of the King extravaganza, with special thanks to cousin A. who sent a tin FULL of popcorn and sugar treats to add to our tea and lattes. Thanks, A.

The rest of the break will be filled with books, movies, family celebrations, and rest -- plenty of rest. Sometimes you just have to stop, and I have every intention of doing just that for a few days.

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