Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Quiet - Defining Our Terms, Part I

quiet adj 1. a:marked by little or no motion or activity: CALM b:GENTLE, EASYGOING 2 a:free from noise or uproar : STILL

Quiet is a tricky word. Do I mean silence? Well, let's put this in perspective. I have five children, and we do our living and educating here in our home. Plus my mom lives next door. Think specifics here: Washing machine runs how many times a day/week? Dishwasher runs how many times a day/week? Toilet flushes. Piano practiced (x three students x thirty minute daily practice x six days a week.) And don't forget the barking dog, the ringing telephone, the singing and laughing and crying and correcting and chanting and almost always talking. We are NOT speaking of silence here.

Easygoing? Trust me, I am not.

Little or no motion or activity? Missing my point completely.

Calm? Getting warmer. Gentle? Oh, I hope so.

Free from noise or uproar? Aaah - now we are getting somewhere.

More later...

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