Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A nod to Intent

I enjoy my regular visits at Intent, the blog of a lovely lady that goes by the name Sparrow. She's honest, she thinks deeply, she loves beauty, and she can cook. This last quality is what will cause my normally reserved husband to give her a huge hug when we meet in August. She has The Recipe we have been looking for since we celebrated our first anniversary in a little restaurant in Capitola, California. The orange rolls they served with brunch were the sort of food you don't ever forget. We have tried to recreate it, but with no success. Until this last Saturday. The children were all gone in honor of our anniversary, and I made these rolls:

Orange Rolls

Happy Anniversary indeed. Good thing I am working on my Couch-to-5K Running Program. It could get ugly in the zipping up the jeans department if I wasn't.

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