Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hiking Mt. Ralston

A Saturday stroll?

For people who love a challenge.

For views like this.

Sweet victory!

A note to Waterfall at A Sort of Notebook (someone who is a Serious Hiker): This is on, near, or relatively close by the Pacific Crest Trail. I hope we can meet on a flatter section when you come hiking up our way.

A disclaimer: I did not take these pictures. I did not take this fourteen-mile hike. I couldn't do it if I tried. My idea of exercise right now is (literally) huffing and puffing my way around a flat path that surrounds my favorite bird watching lake. Flat. Two miles (max.) Well, maybe I could hike this, but I sure wouldn't be home for dinner (today, tomorrow or the day after that.) With this hike, my older boys (and their dad) have finished all the required hikes for the Boy Scout hiking merit badge; that's five ten-milers and one twenty-miler. They are also 2nd Class Scouts now, and I am burstin' my buttons with pleasure at their strength, their sense of adventure, and their tenacity. Congrats, fellas!

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