Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Kindred spirits

I woke up dreaming of my favorite restaurant from the Bay Area. I ate breakfast at Hobee's Restaurant a couple of times a week when I was single and had more discretionary income. I even have an elegant blown-glass vase that the manager gave us for a wedding present. We kept Hobee's in the black during the mid-80's.

Why was I dreaming of them this morning? The clue was the garlic, the rosemary, the potatoes, the scones, the eggs, all cooking away in the kitchen. It was a dream breakfast for my husband, and my daughter was the chef. She loves time alone with her dad, especially a quiet conversation for just the two of them.

Alone time with our children is something we don't always achieve, but we work hard to get it. Sometimes, though, they take the initiative and create an invitation that is impossible to resist. Garlic? Coffee? Scones? PLUS a dear girl's company? Irresistible!

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