Thursday, August 25, 2005

Art Class

My art class began last week. It's strange to be back in the classroom, but a good kind of strange. There is no text for the class, just the usual arm-and-leg investment at the local art supply spot. I have enjoyed sketching for the last few years, but I want to come out of this class being able to draw with more confidence. I can hardly wait.

The assignment for this week? To scribble. Yep, scribble. First with the dominant hand, then with the non-dominant hand, and then gripping the pencil with both hands. Scribbling is a bit of stretch for me (no, not in skills, but in understanding the value.) She wants us to work through the developmental stages of drawing, starting back in early childhood. Like I said, this is a stretch for me, but, the instructor has asked us to trust her. She says if we just stick with it, and do what she assigns us, then we WILL be able to draw. I am ready to trust; we'll see how it goes.

While I work, I sure like all my new supplies. Brings back great memories of those early days of school, when a new outfit and a pile of pencils could float my boat. Hmmmm....maybe returning to my childhood is a good thing?

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