Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wednesday musings

What I love:

Soft kleenex. Flannel sheets. Sleep. Hot tea. Hot coffee.

(Yes, the cold pushed its way in at last.)


Our Autumnal Ball was a great success. I only wish I could capture the beauty and camaraderie in pictures.

The latest/last Mitford novel.

Once again, it made me laugh and cry. The perfect companion for a kleenex/hot tea afternoon.

Pride and Prejudice.

It's confirmed; I am not a purist.

We saw the latest movie last Friday, and I loved it. But, I could only compare it to the A&E version; it had been too long since I had read the book. While resting and blowing my nose, I have re-read the story and am sorry to say that in the book Mr. Darcy does not deliver that romantic line that is at the end of the movie. He does mention being bewitched early on in the story, but not when he proposes and is accepted. One of my daughter's friends had written about the previews she had seen of the new movie, saying that it looked more Bronte-ish. There was a more wild, less genteel, feel about the environment, but it didn't have the intensity or the potential gloom of a good Bronte story. It is, as dear Kate said, more earthy. But, it is charming and enjoyable.


Some of you have snow; we have uncommonly warm weather today. I am enjoying the autumnal glow of the oak trees in my view these days. Our fall colors are only various shades of yellow, but it is amazing how many golden options there are in the palette. It's a joy to behold.

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