Saturday, September 23, 2006

First day of autumn

How do you celebrate the first day of autumn?

The Circle of Quiet family is dividing and conquering this weekend.

Some will be here:

Half Dome

This will be the third time they attempt to get to the top. They have been thwarted by summer crowds and thunder storms, both of which kept them from climbing the last stretch that requires cables. With a late season date, and a forecast for clear skies, the hopes are that the third time will be the charm. We're rooting for them and hoping for a mountain top phone call announcing their achievement.

One of us has a more flatland, consumer destination in mind. It's IKEA Sacramento for me this morning. I'll be meeting friends for shopping and 99 cent breakfast and plenty of good conversation. I plan to do as much Christmas shopping as possible, for as little money as possible.

The rest will be home with their list of books to read. There's been a unpleasant sniffle*cough thing going through the family, so I would guess some sleeping in and reading in bed might be on the to-do list at some point before I return. Just tonight, I snuggled in bed and read picture books with my youngest. He's been a part of the older reading time in the evenings, and we haven't had the time alone as much. We both acknowledged that it is NOT acceptable, and I was delighted to read The Salamader Room and Paul Revere's Ride as he drifted off. I found it to be the highlight of a beautiful day.

When I return, we'll have Swedish meatballs (surprise, surprise) and listen to George Winston's Autumn; it declares best to my soul, "It's Autumn and Life is GOOD!"

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