Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Helicopter" parenting

'Helicopter' parents try too hard
Boston Globe, November 7, 2006

"Some parents are writing their college-age kids' resumes. Others are acting as their children's 'representatives,' hounding college career counselors, showing up at job fairs and sometimes going as far as calling employers to ask why their son or daughter didn't get a job.

It's the next phase in helicopter parenting, a term coined for those who have hovered over their children's lives from kindergarten to college."

There are many aspects of this article I could harangue about for a bit, but the thing that keeps sticking in my mind is this: if those who do not home educate their children think of homeschooling as 'helicopter' parenting, not allowing our children out from under our ever-micromanaging eye, perhaps we can cut them some slack when they think we are nuts or outright wrong.

And may all of us who do home educate purpose to raise adults who can attend their own job fairs, fight their own fights, own their own victories, and *gasp* live their own lives.

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