Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pain in the neck

My neck, that is. Major "ouch" pain. Occasionally scream kind of pain.

How did this happen? No car accident, no hard working adventure to whom I can give credit. Just suddenly I felt massive pain. Have no fear, it only hurts when I move my head or swallow. The rest of the time I feel great! *Sigh.* (I guess I should send in my app. to the Sarcasm Society at this point. Their motto: "Like we need your support.")

The diagnosis is muscle spasms, with treatment including physical therapy and muscle relaxants and pain meds. So, if I post things in the next week or so that make me sound a shot short of totally loopy, blame it on the meds.

If you are the praying sort, I would covet your prayers. My loving husband took two days off to help, but tomorrow we are back to Mom in charge. Maybe we can study multiple personality disorders by observing Medicated Mom in contrast to Mom in Pain. I can only imagine the difference.

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