Saturday, December 23, 2006

Horatio: R.I.P.

Horatio seemed to be a little sick last week. He flopped to rest wherever we put him down, and he showed an unusual preference for staying inside. He quietly went outside on Monday (or was it Tuesday?) and could not be found later. When a cat disappears, we worry. Many a tragedy has happened to our cat population, and our hopes for his safety faded as each day finished without an appearance.

Today, as the young ones were in the attic, Horatio was found. Curled up as if asleep, but cold to the touch, the mystery was solved and his death confirmed. We are very sad.

He was a handsome, grateful cat and we will miss his hugeness on the fence, his luxurious body curled up in warm corners, and his playful pouncing on leaves in the backyard.

Rest in peace, Horatio.

A silly cat on a happier day

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