Monday, December 11, 2006

An invitation for the Crib Chick

The HMS Surprise at the San Diego Maritime Academy

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World ranks high on our family's list of Top Ten Favorite Movies of All Time. There is, however, one family that takes our obsession to a whole different level. The Crib Chick has written many a blog post about the movie, providing often humorous comparisons between her marriage and the relationship of the captain and the doctor in M&C. So, who was on my mind when I clicked to purchase tickets to the San Diego Maritime Academy, home of the HMS Surprise? Ms. Crib Chick, of course. Can you make it to San Diego in January, Jill? Pretty please?!? I know it's a long way from home, but think of the fun we could have!

Not seen the movie? Come on! What are you waiting for? Click that picture, and will happily deliver it to your doorstep. Think it was a terribly boring movie? No comprendo. Maybe if you tried again? The music, the quotes, the idea of being fit for command; what's not to like?

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