Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Scurry, scurry, hurry, hurry

Speech Tournament
Season One: The Rookies and their Rookie Mother

Packing, packing
Worrying, too
Suits? Check
Tie tacks? Borrow Dad's! Check
Toothbrush? Comb? Check. Check.

Worry, worry
Tums, merlot, what if I snore?
Don't forget speeches!
Don't forget timers!
Don't forget to ....
relax and have FUN

Does this match?
Did you remember?
Meal plans
Nervous energy
Pick out the music.
Pack a Wodehouse, okay?

Lots of coffee.
Dark, strong, caffeinated coffee.
All will be well.


Tomorrow, Vincent Van-Go, our faithful family mobile, will escort us down the agricultural interior of California, taking us to the southern lands that my children have never seen. Our ultimate destination: the new world of competitive speech. Business dress may be just as challenging as memorizing a ten-minute speech, but we are all seeing the fruits of our labors.

I am traveling without a co-pilot (no student drivers in our family yet), and I would appreciate prayer for our safety. And for the nervous speakers and their outwardly calm mother? More prayers would be dandy.

Reports from the road are a possibility.

Break a leg, guys!

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