Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Mom gave me a ditty from Good Housekeeping last night - a short article from the blogger at Notes from the Trenches and In the Trenches of Motherhood.

The article was a hilarious list of nine rules for throwing out the garbage. My husband sat with his jaw dropped as I read it aloud; he had that creepy, someone has been listening at the door, feeling as I read. It was way too familiar. My favorite was one suggestion I had yet to think of: "If you throw garbage into the empty can because you 'can't find' the bags, I will make you wash out the can...with your toothbrush." If you want to know the garbage scenarios at our house, grab the Good Housekeeping with Princess Diana on the cover. Page 189 will have the dialogue ready for your amusement.

I traveled over to the blogs linked above and was delighted to find beautiful photography, humorous reflections on the homeschooling life, and plenty of practical ideas for living and learning. I'm adding these to the destinations list in my sidebar.

We've also received the May issue of Touchstone Magazine.

My favorite article is, once again, not linked on the website, so you'll just have to order a subscription to read Reduced to Tears: on Taking the Body Too Seriously by Annegret Hunter. But, you should subscribe anyway. You won't be sorry.

Another article worth the cost is Pilgrim's Illness: on the Spiritual Journeys of the Sick & the Dying by Jim Forest.

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