Tuesday, May 08, 2007

College bound?

Then I suggest reading this:

"Students and loans: 'Til death do us part"
Chicago Sun Times, May 6, 2007

They are former students trapped under the weight of student loans. The same vehicle that allowed them to get a college education has left many graduates buried in debt with no reasonable way to climb out.

We will not be paying for our children's college educations, so this is a topic worthy of dinner time discourse. There are two colleges our oldest is looking at, but one costs approximately $26,000 without housing and food costs, and the other costs approximately $16,000 including it all. I cannot see how it could be worth $10,000 x 4 = $40,000 + housing/food = ??? more in potential debt to go to college "A" rather than college "B".

Fortunately, we have two more years of talking before someone has to write a check to the college of their choice.

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