Friday, June 15, 2007

King Lear

The Royal Shakespeare Company is doing King Lear, starring Sir Ian McKellan as the man himself. The show travels to the states in September - October. New York, Minneapolis, Los Angeles .... what an opportunity!

Old man redeemed
Economist June 16-22, 2007

Ian McKellan interview:
I used to think King Lear was an analysis of insanity but I don't really think it is. When Lear is supposed to be at his most insane he is actually understanding the world for the first time. "Let me not go mad," he pleads. But when he gets mad he sees the world very clearly indeed in a way he never has for his whole life. The play is a little bit of a cheat—he doesn't go permanently mad, he goes mad and then he recovers in the space of three of four scenes. Well people do, don't they? They have breakdowns. He has a breakdown; he does not go permanently mad and terminally ill with insanity. He has a breakdown and he knows he's the better for it because he sees clearly in the end.

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