Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Soundtrack for refrigerator purchasing

Crash by Dave Matthews Band

Happy, loud music that makes you open the sun-roof and forget that you are about to spend lots and lots of money on something you thought you could avoid buying for a few more years. It didn't have quite the same happy pill effect after the money was spent, but I don't expect miracles from a CD.

And for the record: if any more appliances break down, I'll have to close down the blog and make appliances my full-time job.

And another thing: how many features do we need on refrigerators in order to make our lives meaningful? Our needs were "huge" and "cheap", but we seem to be odd family out when it comes to refrigerator preferences.

Now I am off to load all the freezer items into the garage freezer. Then I get to decide if the freezer is the right temp for the frig. items, or if we will have to play "camping" and fill the coolers.

I'm working on my attitude. I promise.

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