Monday, November 05, 2007

Here we go

Saturday was the beginning of our sons' first year of debate competition. This year's resolution is:

Resolved: That the United States federal government should substantially change its policy on illegal immigration. ~ NCFCA

They are researching both sides of the issues. They are learning about border fences, impacts on the economy, anchor babies, rights and privileges of citizenship, impacts on social services and hospitals, and much, much more.

I am learning about debate lingo in order to be a helpful and fair judge, how to provide meals for starving debaters without over-spending the budget, how to shop thrift stores for Italian suits, and how to influence my sons on their choice of ties. I am very opinionated about ties. So are they. We'll see who wins that debate.

I loved sitting back at the end of the day, camera in hand, and catching the faces of these students. I have no idea what the future holds for my sons, or for any of their debating friends, but I am so pleased with the skills they are learning this year. And it has only just begun.

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