Saturday, December 29, 2007

The list gets shorter

From the beginning of my dip into the blogging world, I have had a list of bloggers I longed to meet in real life. I appreciate the chance to learn from people from around the world that cyberspace offers, but there is something extra special about looking someone in the eye, spending time pouring over their bookshelves and losing sleep talking.

Well, thanks to the generous hospitality of Magistra Mater and her husband and son, my list has gotten shorter. Their family opened their warm home to us, seven strangers, and welcomed us as friends. Carol and I talked as late as we possibly could and found our kindred spirit correspondence upgraded to a real life friendship. As an added bonus, our husbands had so much fun talking that they suspected that they were the true reason God had our families meet.

The entire drive north and east we felt like we were being pursued by threatening weather. We had a few moments of "Yikes, if the weather is like this the rest of the way, we might not make it," but it only succeeded in enhancing our prayer life , not hindering our travels. We got the pleasure of breath-taking views and snow play without once putting on chains!

When we packed up to leave, I was sad to say good-bye. The time went oh-so-fast, and we had only begun to solve all the problems of the world *smile*. I can only hope and pray we can do it again and soon.

Two of my children told me, "Mom, she is so much like you, it's scary." I take that as the highest of compliments. When my sister died in 1993, little did I guess how many sisters the Lord would provide, and through something as seemingly impersonal as the internet. Who would have thunk?

I miss you, my friend.

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