Monday, January 14, 2008

Game day

There is a certain almost-nine-year-old boy in our family who has been waiting a long time to get on the court and off of the sidelines. He's sat through two seasons of his brothers' basketball games, he has attended a Boy Scout Court of Honor every six months for the same brothers. He has come along to speech and debate tournaments, and waited outside of countless piano lessons.

Our #1

That's all changed now, though.

Winning the tip

Every Saturday this winter we will be in the stands cheering on #1.

The crowd goes wild

And the big brothers will be on the sidelines this time. The hours they have spent on the backyard court have prepared their not-so-little brother for this moment. And did he shine? Oh, he was shining like the sun. Eleven points. Three steals. Great defense. Constant hussle. They won by twenty.

And we were there to see it all. Life is good.

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