Friday, January 25, 2008

Lost and found

S.A.R.Ex. = Search and Rescue Exercise.

I've sent two young men off with backpacks full of long underwear and pretzels, snowshoes and tarps to the cold and blowy mountains for an overnight adventure. They plan to make snow caves, sleep in said snow caves, and then proceed to get "lost" so that new Search and Rescue teams can learn to find them.

The sky this afternoon looks like a watercolor artist's practice page for "Shades of Gray." The wind is blowing the bare branches of the oaks and causing the wind chimes to sing their songs loudly. I know these adventures are my boys' idea of heaven-on-earth, so I will be excited for them.

All the same, I will be happy to see them pull in the driveway tomorrow afternoon. We'll have the hot cocoa ready.

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