Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ash Wednesday

I guess my head has been buried in the sand. Last night, while watching election results for the cross-country primary elections, there was mention made of Fat Tuesday.

"What in the world?" I squeaked; "Is it already Lent?"

We scampered around with calendar and prayer book and realized that it was, indeed, Fat Tuesday. By the time I was confronted with Lent, though, I was in my heading-to-bed-don't-get-in-my-way mode. As I collapsed in bed, I started to wonder what we would do differently or what I would add to my reading or what I could eliminate from my daily experience. One thing became clear as I tried to think with my muddled brain: I have a lot of thinking to do about Lent.

So that is what I have decided to do this year: study Lent and what it means. We may eat more simply, or we may choose a special group with whom we can share our plenty, but my work is to dive into the world of Lenten practices and make some sense of it all.

"The imposition of ashes on Ash Wednesday is nothing if not bold. … a dark and undeniable slash across your forehead, a bold proclamation of death and resurrection all at once. You forget that it is on your forehead and you walk out of church, out into the world, a living reminder that Christ died for us…"
Lauren Winner

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