Thursday, February 07, 2008

Evenings at Five

Last night's 5 o'clock view

"Every evening at five o’clock, Christina and Rudy began the ritual commonly known as Happy Hour, sharing drinks along with a love of language and music (she is an author, he a composer, after all), a delight in intense conversation, a fascination with popes, and nearly thirty years of life together. Now, seven months after Rudy’s unexpected death, Christina reflects on their vibrant bond - with all its quirks. habits, and unguarded moments - as well as her passionate sorrow and her attempts to reposition herself and her new place in the very real world they shared."

Evenings at Five by Gail Godwin

I've started reading this aloud to my husband, a few chapters at a time, as we settle in for the night. I've loved the story for a long time, but I've never shared it with him. It's time.

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