Friday, February 01, 2008

The week

A beautiful great-grandmother with a handsome great-grandson.
My dear mom-in-law was in town with her very dear husband, and she was delivered to our house by our niece and nephew and THEIR LITTLE BABY BOY. Joy, joy, joy.

Blurry, bad photos, but they tell a great story. The little guys got to play at the half-time of the local high school game. The big gym, the real score board, the announcer yelling, "And No. 1 gets the bucket." And they won. A great night.

It snowed. Really, truly snowed. Yeah, sure, it's a California snow if you can walk outside in your barest of feet, but that's IS California.

Snow observations: It's so quiet. It makes everything look so beautiful and clean, like a fresh coat of paint on a messy wall. But, it melts around here. Fast. Sniff, sniff, sniff.

p.s. Lost and Found update: they did get found. The experience was a blast...well, except for some claustraphobia in the snow cave. They snowshoed and made body builder snowmen (complete with six-packs) and generally enjoyed the great outdoors until they were "rescued".

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