Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The many faces of spring

The weather continues to change, reminding me that spring is here. Storm clouds come and go, perhaps leaving hail or rain on the ground, perhaps just creating dramatic views across the valley. The fog even came in one morning, reminding me more of Middle Earth than a humble little foothill hillside.

There are plenty of indoor views, too. Flowers brighten up the kitchen, and Guinness provides the perfect St. Patrick's Day partner. And let us not forget the blank bracket in the middle picture -- March Madness is about to begin.

Some family members are very (very) serious bracketologists; some see a bracket party as a chance to drink root beer and bring the duckling inside to charm us. We'll see if the serious studying has the best results, or if the "I like Oregon because we go there on vacation" method gives the surprising victory. I actually made researched choices this year (much to the shock of my family.) Most of my choices are logical, but there are enough sentimental favorites to bring some thrill with an upset.

Let the games begin.

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