Sunday, March 23, 2008


Lake Margaret, California. Photo credit: Staff Photographer Son

Every now and then I have moments of clarity and perspective, the nudge that bigger things are happening and it would be good to pay attention.

Recently I cleared out the detritus that had collected under the washing machine and I found a little, tiny, itsy bitsy Osh Kosh B'Gosh sock. With that sock in my hand, my world stopped spinning for just a moment. I remembered the birth of a little boy who is now nine years old. As I looked out my laundry room window, I could see the same boy bouncing a basketball on the backyard court. I could hear his exultation when the ball swished through the net. I knew I would soon hear him come in and request food, for he is always hungry and appears to be a very tall man-in-the-making. Can it really be nine years since we had a newborn baby in our family?

Time is flying.

When my husband was packing his final stash for his annual trip to Washington, D.C., he snagged my oldest son for a hug good-bye. I blinked to clear my vision, asked them to go back-to-back, and had to make the announcement to my husband that he is no longer the tallest member of our family. Son #1 has taken the coveted position. It looks to be a short-lived reign, as the younger brothers are growing taller by the minute, but he has every intention of enjoying When did he grow so tall?

Time is flying.

I went on-line the other day to make flight reservations. My oldest daughter will be flying to Charles City, Virginia to work for Peace Hill Press for six weeks, starting in May. She's beyond excited about the job, and about getting to see a very interesting part of the country, but I am struck by the fact that she will be gone for six weeks. Six weeks sounds like a really, really long time. This is a perfect first step towards the future, though. The rest of us will have to step up and provide the quiet support and joy that she dishes out on a regular basis. When did my little girl become such a gifted young woman?

Time is flying.

Christmas, celebrating the birth of Christ, seems like yesterday and yet today we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. As I nibble on our Easter meal, laugh around the table with my family,and enjoy the sabbath rest of a Sunday afternoon, I want to savor each moment. Life on earth flies by, but we taste the edges of eternity more and more each day. God's gift of grace is immeasurable, His offer of eternal life more precious than gold. His written Word, the community of believers we gather with on a regular basis, the power of confession and forgiveness and communion...these are all tastes of eternity. Watching my children grow in the knowledge of Him is part of that holy tasting as well.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of time, and for allowing time to stop often enough for me to feel the wind on my cheeks, hear the laughter of those I love, and to remember the lessons You give me each day.

He is risen! He is risen, indeed, hallelujah.

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