Monday, May 19, 2008

Can Money Buy Happiness?

By Arthur C. Brooks
From the May/June 2008 Issue of The American

America as a nation has struggled and striven all the way to the top of the world economic pyramid. Are we suffering from some sort of collective delusion, or is it possible that money does buy at least a certain amount of happiness?

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Not an article necessarily expressing my opinions, but one that makes me think. I suddenly have children wondering about how they'd like to make a living, how they'll pay for their summer adventures or college in the future, and learning about budgeting, saving, and responsible spending.

"Do I choose a career that pays well, or do I pursue what I love?" How would you answer that? Probably better than my non-committal babbling. I like being able to pay my bills, but I also know the satisfaction of doing important work; is it possible to do both? Of course...but sometimes we have to learn to live with less than we thought we would. Can we do that with grace and cheer? Ah, important questions!

We'll just keep babbling and reading and thinking. I'm excited to see what our next generation comes up with.

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