Friday, May 30, 2008

News from the road

I had two phone conversations yesterday with two very different children. They both called to say that they had safely arrived in Ponca City, but there was more to report.

The "too funny for words" son started his conversation with, "Sorry, Mom. I left my bag and my backpack on the floor of the airport and they got stolen."

(Important detail: this includes wallet, ID, money (cash), EVERYTHING.)

I would have told you that there was a long pause on my part, but my husband reports that my response was a little louder than that. Funny, I remember a dark and foreboding silence.

After said .... moment .... my son said, "Just kiddin', Mom."

Isn't he a funny boy? Yeah, maybe not, but he sure got a kick out of himself.

My daughter's story:

"Oh, Mama, I brought Hannah Coulter with me for the trip and I finished it. It is such a calm and peaceful book, sort of...well...transporting."

I start in on the joys of Hannah, the joys of being transported in the midst of this busy world, and she cut in...

"Well, yes....being transported is a great thing. That is, unless you are at the gate at the St. Louis airport and there is suddenly an announcement over the loud speaker,

"Will Miss _______ ____________ please board the aircraft immediately. The plane is scheduled to depart in two minutes."

"Mama, I looked up and the ENTIRE GATE was empty. I hadn't even heard the boarding call, I hadn't seen ANYONE GET UP. I was very, very, VERY transported. And I almost missed my flight."

What's a mother in California to do but laugh?

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