Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Conversation starter

Anthony Esolen's rules regarding potential marriage partners can be found here. We read this over lunch and laughed...and then stopped laughing and started talking.

Number twenty out of twenty, and my personal favorite:

20. Never marry anyone, man or woman, who scoffs at virtue, who reduces "good" and "evil" to arbitrary counters in the war of all against all, whose humor is flippancy, who looks down upon janitors and maids, who cannot delight in making simple things (like a batting T or a thank-you note), who thinks tradition is old and shopworn (such people are followers of every fad that comes), and who is never, ever, just relaxed, grateful for a shady seat under the maple tree in fall. That is another way of saying that you should never marry anyone who does not know who God is.

HT: Amanda.

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