Sunday, October 05, 2008

Repeat recommendation


The girls and I were home alone for Friday night and Saturday since our scouts were off to an overnight adventure. We scooted out to the library as soon as we were alone, and scoured the shelves for a possible movie to rent (the library's rental rate of $1 for a week is much more suited to our current budget than other options.) One of our favorite librarians is from England, and we have been known to dilly dally so we could be in her line. I would guess we have her to thank for finding just what we wanted on the shelf: Cranford!

We are big fans of Elizabeth Gaskell's novels and the movies North and South and Wives and Daughters, and we were thrilled to hear that Cranford had been made into a movie. This one is a little different in that it is three novels woven into one story. It is also a sadder story, as many favorite characters die, but we find the sadness makes the movie all the sweeter.

I am glad I have a week with the movie, for I need to go back and copy down all my favorite lines. There are so many that are perfect for the quote book.

This is a time commitment (295 minutes to be exact) but go ahead and keep it in your mind's queue for the next sick day or stormy day that comes along. Highly recommended.

"Let us repair to our rooms and consume our fruit in solitude."

~ Miss Deborah,
Cranford ~

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