Monday, November 17, 2008

More gratitude

Just a list this time.

36. My morning coffee. I LOVE my first cup of coffee in the morning. Usually it is hand-delivered by my husband, but he is gone all week. Being woken up by a cold-hearted alarm instead of the smell of French roast makes me deeply grateful for my husband AND my coffee.


37. Dishwasher.
38. Washer and Dryer.
39. Rice cooker.
40. Espresso machine.

The house is emptier this week, which creates illusions of all sorts of free time, ease and simplicity. Facts are, we are a pretty well-oiled machine and everyone carries their load. I have, frankly, more work to do when they're gone. And thus I am deeply grateful for my electronic servants. Their work is desperately needed this week.

Thrift store finds:

41. A ball gown and gloves for a young lady.
42. A tie for the debate guy who is home (Sorry debate guy who is not home. You know what they say -- location, location, location!)
43. A beautiful pair of Coldwater Creek slacks for me. Just the right size. They don't look as if they have ever been worn. Thrifting is the only way I can have the Coldwater Creek label in my closet.
44. A karaoke machine. This took some convincing, but some people around here think this is a party waiting to happen. I think the only person who could get me crazy enough to sing into that thing is Kate. Want to come on over, my friend? My children could use some entertaining.
45. Books. Bill Bryson, P.D. James, Anne Perry, Nick Hornby. It was a good day in the book room.

Our property:

It has a decided "early rental" look to it right now, but it is still beautiful.

46. The view is opening up, thanks to the cascading golden oak leaves. It rapidly changes from all shades of green to browns and oranges to yellow to the silhouette of branches. My view is my sanity on busy days.
47. The sunsets have been pinks and purples and lingering beauty.
48. My rose tree is bravely blooming.
49. The smell of autumn, even an unusually warm autumn, is aromatherapy at its best.

Eternal truth:

50. The timelessness of God is my comfort these days. Life is changing fast, way too fast for a rut-loving woman. It is unsettling, and it brings out all sorts of insecurities. I am comforted by my Maker, the One who is in charge, the One who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. When I remember Him, I breathe calmly, I think clearly, I choose with confidence. Without that, I would not be able to see any of the other things in my list; I would see only me.

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