Friday, December 12, 2008

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday was a yucky day. The attempt at a driver's license failed because of a malfunctioning car window. The student has to be able to demonstrate hand signals out a window that is down all the way. Did you know that? Do you regularly use hand signals? Don't get me was incredibly disappointing.

And the basketball game....well, all was going great as long as they still had their warm-ups on. It had its moments of excitement, but it wasn't because of my favorite player.

His analysis: "That was the worst game of my career.....I HOPE!"

Little brother still loved watching the big fellas.

The circumstances were all different today.
Today was a lovely day. The game was forgotten (sort of) and the nice lady at the DMV made room in her schedule for us to come back for an important test.

The result?

Success. Smiles. General happiness.

Congrats, big guy.

He drove himself to work tonight,

and I napped.

Now that is exciting.

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