Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy New Year!

I'm here. Really I am. But so are the debaters. They are tapping on my shoulders, reminding me that the first tournament is on the 14th. Of this month! Coming too soon. And there is evidence, just waiting to be found, and briefs to write, and speeches to prepare...and, and, and.

And so I hand over the laptop to my desperate crew, and my lists of books and my fascinating musings will have to wait for yet another day.

But have no fear - I will be here, sipping my coffee, working through the latest math lesson, reading Poirot mysteries, and trying to find Mr. Rochester in all the fog swirling around our house.

And I will be listening to speeches, trying to laugh at the right places (I am terribly famous for laughing at the WRONG places).

And I'll be watching basketball. One more boy joins the basketball swirl, and his second season promises to be a joy.

So be patient, and enjoy that sidebar of links. It will lead you to worthy destinations.

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