Monday, February 16, 2009

Report from the land of snowflakes and germs

The snow is a rare treat here at our house. We are usually just below the snowline, which makes the dusting of snow all the more special. The rains quickly returned, making the white a sweet memory.

Amidst the storms that are coming hand over fist are the flu germs doing the same. Starting with our oldest son, it has slowly made its way through the family. Saturday night we had our youngest with a fever and hallucinations in the middle of the night. Our ceiling fan become a helicopter, my hands were huge and terrifying. It was so sad. The fever broke, soaking his shirt and bringing more chills and moans. Now he is on to the coughing and the girls are in the early stages of glassy eyes, aching heads and the need for more sleep than is humanly possible. This too shall pass, but it is sick bay for us today.

We've binged on films to get us through. An odd collection, we've watched the following during different phases of illness. I bet you can't guess who wanted to see what (I truly don't think you could.)

I'm ready to put away the cough medicine, cover up the TV, bleach the germs away and get back to healthy life as usual. We'll wait and see how time heals.

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