Friday, April 24, 2009

Trip plans

Next Tuesday I'll be flying away with this young man:


Charlottesville **** Washington, D.C. **** Gettysburg, PA

The impetus for our trip was an invitation to come work at the 10th Anniversary Well-Trained Mind conference, so we will spend three days in Williamsburg in the middle of our trip.

There are many reasons to be excited. Rex has never set foot on Virginia, D.C., Maryland or Pennsylvania soil before, let alone seen the sites of American history that he has studied and loved for years. The Well-Trained Mind conference promises to be a chance to serve, to learn, and to catch up with dear friends; perhaps I will even be able to put a face with a name from time I used to spend on their message boards.

But what am I looking forward to the most? Seven days with my son, including his sixteenth birthday on May 3rd. What a pleasure that will be. We will be covering a lot of miles, seeing our customized list of favorites in the greater D.C. area. I can hardly wait.

Guidebooks are out and google searches are clarifying our plans. A few more items are needed from the store, a few more songs to put on the I-Pod for our travel soundtrack, and a few thousand things to take care of here at home to make sure all will go smoothly in my absence.

The Great Virginia Adventure of 2009 is about to begin.

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