Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Days three, four and five of

on the road with Rex.

Day Three was Williamsburg:

and Yorktown:

Days Four and Five were at the Tenth Anniversary Well-Trained Mind conference:

Not the best photography...sorry. Explanations:

On your left is a "picture" of Jim Weiss, Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer at a panel discussion. What a line-up!! Not only was it the 10th anniversary of the WTM, it was the 20th anniversary of Greathall Productions. I have decided that listening to Jim Weiss read appliance manuals would be soothing. What a voice!

The middle picture is of the Ben and Rex Show, the option they came up with to entertain children during the speaking sessions. They read from The Story of the World and acted the stories out...a highly entertaining read-aloud session. They were gems. Thanks, fellas.

The final shot is of me and Suzanne Hicks, the Conference Queen. She put on the conference, was generous enough to fly me out to help, and was, as always, great company. The only problem with Suzanne is that she lives too far away, and the only time I see her is when we're working at a conference. Look for her at a book table any time Susan and/or Jessie are speaking.

Days five, six and seven coming soon...if the Laundry Pile (worthy of those capital letters) doesn't swallow me whole. It's possible, so don't hold your breath (although you all probably gave that up months ago, right?)

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