Another goodbye

Family bookends saying goodbye

The phone jangled us awake in the middle of the night, stopping our hearts and starting our minds spinning. The automated message, detailing flight changes for our daughter's morning departure to Idaho, reassured us that all was well in the world, even if the airlines did have the indecency to send their message at three in the morning.

The pounding of our hearts made sleep difficult, and the reality of middle-of-the-night phone call possibilities made our goodbyes today that much more tender.

As the college days approach this September, goodbyes will become part of the routine rather than the exception. The truth is I am excited for the days ahead, and I am thrilled with all the reasons we are having to say goodbye. But I also know that life is fragile and tragedy happens. I must remind myself that fear is a thief, stealing joy and excitement from ordinary and extraordinary days alike. I have no desire to give in to the thief; I know that God can be trusted. Truly. With all things. I will walk in that truth.

And so we say goodbye and say hello to all that pulls us apart. Time will fly, and we will hug in another airport, share our stories, and I will feel sweet arms wrapped around my neck once again.

I love you, dear girl.


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