Thinking about....

Ann's posts about loving fathers (here and here). October 24th, 2001 was the day my father died, and I miss him.

A father's love and presence is a powerful thing, and its absence can leave a gaping hole. I have found God's unbelievable love to be the only thing that can fill that hole. But it fills it beautifully.

Listening to
Songs for fall, recommended on David Kern's blog.

And the sound of extra-large acorns crashing down on the roof. They are loud enough to wake me in the night, and that is no easy task.

A warm and comforting shawl for my dear mother. Nature's Choice Organic Cotton in's soft, it's beautiful, and the pattern is joyously simple.

I'm also getting prepared to knit socks. I have a terrible time trying new, difficult things, and knitting socks is a mystery to me. But I have a pattern (thanks to Blogless Lynn), I have enough yarn to keep an army warm for the winter, and my knitting mentor is coming home for Thanksgiving; what excuse do I have? None.At.All. Better get started.

Worrying (trying not to, but honesty requires I call it what it is)

About my mother's appointment with the ear/nose/throat doctor. Her hearing loss has been almost complete since this last hospitalization, and she is discouraged to her core. I feel helpless to cheer her, with little ability to communicate with the ease we have always enjoyed. She is alone in her house, alone with her thoughts, unable to hear the world around her. No sound of grandchildren saying good morning, no sound of the cat asking for food, no phone calls or visitors. The sunshine yellow walls of her flat are closing in on her.

We both anticipate that reversing the hearing loss will not be possible. What we wonder is if there is any option to amplify what hearing is left.

Mom is so frail right now, in body and in spirit. I am praying that today's appointment will not be her undoing.


Margaret Maron mystery stories. Unlike in life, the mysteries all get solved in the end. What a comfort.

Searching for

My camera battery charger. I feel bereft without a camera for these beautiful fall days.


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