If you love language, admire Emma Thompson's incredible acting skills, and don't shy away from the intensity that comes from living and dying, I highly recommend this movie. There are moments of loneliness that are palpable; there are other moments when the poetry weaves its way into the sterile hospital environment that are beautiful. I cannot watch this movie without tears pouring down my face; if I am alone, in fact, I sob. Hard. It is good crying, though. I love this movie.

You can read brilliant friend Carol's thoughts in her review.

I come away from this movie changed. It makes me all the more committed to not being isolated in my own life. When it comes to dying, it is good to have someone who can rub lotion into your hands or can be your advocate when you cannot speak, a friend who knows when it is time for John Donne and when it is time for a children's allegory read aloud. It is good to have that friend, it is good to be that friend. Or that daughter.


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