For my crazy girl in Oregon

who asked, "When you come up to see you think you could bring...a DUCK?"

How many different ways can I possibly say no? No. No. No. NNNNNOOOOO!

This was all part of a very difficult phone conversation where we decided she would not be coming home for Thanksgiving. Our favorite holiday. Full of traditions we do every.single.year, and this being my Tradition Girl. No coming home for Thanksgiving. Sigh. Unhappy sigh. And why is she not coming home? Oh, you had to ask. Sadly, I was supposed to purchase a train ticket to get her back to Oregon, and by the time I did they were sold out. Call me dumb, but it never occurred to me that there were enough people traveling on that huge train for them to run out of seats. I am no longer dumb (in that particular knowledge set.)

We made a rather happy compromise. The mommy and daddy (sans duck) are going to drive up to see her, attend some classes, drink coffee in cool Eugene cafes, and talk as much as we possibly can. She'll have papers due, classes to prep for, but we'll read our pleasure reading while she slaves and enjoy her while we can.

Now I am not here to say that she preyed upon my guilt when she asked me to bring a DUCK when we come north. Let's just say I was not tempted for a second. Not one second.

Instead, crazy person, I offer you pictures:

They are so happy in the water, so happy together, so happy in their stinky, mucky duck coop. And happy there they will stay. And they will be waiting for you when you arrive home in December.

(And, yes, the tickets are purchased.)


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