Back soon

It's Eagle Scout Court of Honor mania around here. My goal: let's not treat this like a wedding, okay? Okay.

It's Enjoy the College Girl mania around here, too. Time passes way too quickly when you have a mile-long list of things you want to do together.

So, I'll be back after the turn of the year with pictures to show, stories to tell, movies to recommend.


Pom Pom said…
Have fun! Eagle Scout Court of Honor IS a big deal though! Happy! Happy!
Have fun with your girlie, too!
See you soon! Hurry back!
Quotidian Life said…
Good luck on the toned down Court of Honor :) Are you able to share the day with another Eagle Scout mom? We're enjoying college app mania ourselves. Happy New Year to all the Wheelers--enjoy these days together!
Hi Di! It was so wonderful seeing you at Concordia. I'm glad to know how to comment here as well - woohoo!
Did Zack get his Eagle/Skip's Music card from us? We sent it out in the flurry of the up north and the down south trips. We are so proud of his accomplishment!

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