Five Years

Five years of blogging, five years of remembering, five years of friends old and new. I am so glad I began this blog on December 6, 2004.

I decided that to celebrate my anniversary, I would give away a box of one dozen homemade truffles.

All you need to do is:

1) Email me at acircleofquiet AT yahoo DOT com (change out the at and the know the drill.)

2) Leave me your name, and tell me something about yourself and how you came to A Circle of Quiet (you won't be disqualified for admitting you're here for the truffles. I understand.)

3) Tell me your favorite book from this year.

I will post the winner on December 20th, chosen by some fair and random number generator process, and I will make and mail the truffles the week after Christmas (to avoid having them melt and moosh in the Christmas postal sludge.)

Unfortunately, I will need to keep the truffle give away to my North American readers. If, however, you are reading from the UK or Italy or Taiwan or somewhere else not in North America, please post your name and answers, and I will try to think of something light as a feather I could send to you in lieu of heavy perishables, okay?

I look forward to posting your favorite books. Feel free to post more than one. I love book lists.

Here's to another five years!


jewellspring said…
Ooh, I will definitely enter. So glad you have comments now, though. Doesn't the weather forecast have you giddy with delight! It does this Grass Valley girl.

Restful Sabbath to you and yours.
Islandsparrow said…
Hi Di ~ Congratulations on 5 sweet years of blogging! Also very sweet to have comments.
Carol in Oregon said…
Congratulations. I have learned about life, about family, about books, about blogging...all from you! You are a treasure.
Janie said…
Okay, so I got my very first comment in the wrong place. Look under John's birthday for the one that goes here, and here for John's wish.

Happy Birthday, John! Hope the day was memorable!
tonia said…

comments at CoQ? my world is upside down! :)

love to you! Happy belated bday to John-the-great!
Anonymous said…
Holy Toledo!! COMMENTS!!!!
Lynn in WI said…
Comments!! I like that decision. :) Warmest congratulations on your blogiversary. I always benefit from visiting A Circle of Quiet.

Do you have snow?
Alison said…
Love the truffles. You inspired me to make them last year, and they were delicious.

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