News flash

A Circle of Quiet has comments.

You could call it a whim, or you could say "it's about time."

We'll see if it's a keeper.

Only time will tell.


I cannot see comments on my site. Can you? If so, please leave a comment. This is quite confusing to me. I need to awaken my inner HTML muse. Or hire one.

Updated again:

If you click on the title of a post, you will go to a page with a comment link. Can anyone out there tell me what I need to do to make it so there is a nice little link at the bottom of my posts?


Unfocused Idiot said…
It seems that if you click on the post title you get a comments window. I have no idea why though.
Pom Pom said…
I like the comment feature for the connecting. I find it miraculous when I read some of the same thinking in all kinds of different blog spots! Kindred spirits. Like-hearted souls.
desert mom said…
Yay! I'll try to restrain myself. I'm not sure why the comment link isn't showing. I enabled mine when I started my blog and it has just always been there.
Carol in Oregon said…
Wow! Wow! Wow!

How much fun is this? The CQ Comments Section. CQCS. Oh yeah!

I'm gettin' my party pants on!

Carol in Oregon
Alison said…
Are you loving the bread book? We use it nearly every week. So easy. So yummy. Love to hear what you make with it.

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