Road trippin'

We're on the road this week with our Debate Life.

We've already gotten lost, so we can cross that off of our list of things to do. And we (Royal We use here) have two debate rounds under our belts. Only SIX more to go before we hear who goes to quarter finals, semi-finals and finals. Eight rounds. Wow. That is a lot of debating. And a lot of judging.

But every night I will come back to the beautiful home of blogging pal Susan Keller (of Susan Keller Photography Fame) and enjoy being surrounded by beauty and comfort. How sweet is that? A bed is a nice place to be after listening to environmental policy debates for hours, and blogging friendships are so nice to bring into real life.

Today the boys and I got out to Laguna Beach before the serious work began, and I should have some photos to post tomorrow. I am always a better person after a few hours at the beach.

And now, sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Anonymous said…
Oh, how I LLOOOOOVVEEE Laguna Beach. :) Did I ever tell you that I recorded my first CD there?? What a cool trip THAT was....

Praying for you every day, and for your Mom, and for all of it. Have a blast!

Quotidian Life said…
Have so much fun and all the best to your debaters!

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