Coughing, head congestion and other parts of the glamorous life

I have not taken pictures this week.

I have barely read.

I have hardly been outside.

I have been inside. Coughing.

To be frank, it makes me c-r-a--n-k-y.

Today, however, we finally got some vim and vigor about us and cleaned windows, vacuumed piles of dog hair from under the piano, and managed to make a delicious taco salad for dinner without coughing all over it (too much.) If being sick does anything for me, it helps me to be delighted with really small accomplishments.

I hope to have interesting things to say about good books, fun adventures and achingly beautiful photos...someday...when I quit coughing. Coughing is, after all, a full-time job.


Anonymous said…
We must have been coughing together on Monday. I coughed through a phone call to my editor. I sounded like I was about to die. I'm on the mend--finally. Hope you are, too.

Anonymous said…
get better soon.
Quotidian Life said…
Salamtik (Peace on you) Diane. I had a bad cold just after Christmas and the cough part just recently subsided~though I think my family was getting crankier about my annoying cough than I was : )
Di said…
Alison, for the millionth time I wish we lived closer. I would love to be quarantined with you. We need a long visit to catch up, don't we?

Deb, thanks.

Melissa, I have vivid memories of being HIGHLY annoyed by my mother's coughing....and now I am the highly annoying, coughing mother. Sigh. Oh well. I actually slept well last night which should help me get better. Praying for Lauren tonight.

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