My mother

said, when a concerned friend didn't want to leave her behind at a scout event, "I don't mind being alone; I am GREAT company."

asked, when we were discussing my Netflix queue, "Could you rent The Harlam Globetrotters for me?" Never in a million years would I have guessed she would like to see the Harlam Globetrotters. Never. In a million years. But now it is here and we will be watching it together. Can't wait.

is hoping to get a hearing aide, finally, in a few weeks. Hallelujah!

is feeling pretty well for a woman who was given four to six months to live almost eight months ago. Her daughter still pesters her to see how she is feeling, but she doesn't let the paparazzi-like attention get her down.

My've gotta love her!


Patricia said…
So sweet.

I feel such a kindred spirit with you, Di, as you care for your mother. What sweet memories you are making - the Harlem Globetrotters. Love it.

When we were caring for my mother, we often rolled her in her geri-chair out into the living room just to be with us while we homeschooled. She almost never said a word. We always had something Shakespeare included in our studies - a video, audiobook, read-aloud...something. Mother was not particularly scholarly and had never in her 80+ years ever expressed an interest in Shakespeare. Ever. But one day - totally out of the blue - she turned to me and asked, "Is that the only King Lear we have?"

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