Spring is springing

I am getting an edgy feeling about my mother. I don't know what it is, and it is to the point where my not-so-subtle questions are starting to bug her, so I decided to put amateur diagnostics aside and take pictures of the burgeoning spring in her yard and ours. I'm learning it is okay to wait and let things speak for themselves; I don't have to anticipate each and every thing. (I'll just sit here and tell myself that a few times if you don't mind.) Okay, back to spring...

Daffodils, planted by Kate during the crazy days when she lived here, bloom faithfully every year in Mom's front yard. Bright yellow breaks up the gray perfectly, bursting forth some cheer when winter is getting wet and dreary. I appreciate it all-the-more knowing that more rain is headed our way this weekend.

And, of course, so much depends upon a red wheelbarrow...filled with paper whites...in the bright sunshine...with apologies to William Carlos Williams.

And there is a new table at the cafe on the deck. We anticipate many a meal, many a sip of espresso, many a happy hour, and many a sunset at this table. Knowing what is swirling in our family these days, we'll probably be out there early or late, listening and talking about matters of life and death, hearts and heads, dreams and responsibilities. Let the deck life begin!


Alison said…
Oh, I dearly love daffodils. Someone in my neighborhood has bunches blooming in the front yard, and I drive and walk by slowly just to drink them in. They say spring! to me, too.

Love the new cafe table. Ron and I sat outside last week in the garden in the evening under our heat lamp (that we never turned on once last year). It was a wonderful way to enjoy our yard even in the HMB damp. We plan to make a habit of it.

Sending good thoughts about your mom.
Di said…
Hi Alison,
When the iris start blooming I will be thinking of you each time I walk by (-:

Dawn said…
I have been a fan of your blog for years, and have exchanged an email or two with you years ago. I just wanted to drop a line to say that I enjoy the way you and your family embrace the beauty of life - in the midst of homeschooling, teenagers, ailing Moms, etc. I wish you many happy moments on that deck of yours!
Anonymous said…
I posted something earlier, maybe it didn't go through. But i'm praying for you to stop stealing things from tomorrow, which will certainly have enough trouble all its own. I am committed to praying you through this journey - joyfully so! I have learned so much from you, dear Di.. and I am profoundly grateful to call you friend.

Anonymous said…
The table is *lovely*, Mama! I'm so glad you got it. We must definitely have a tea party on it. Or a coffee party. ;)

Di said…
Yes, Madelaine. We will!! Cannot wait.

Your posts the past week or more have been so good, I'm tempted to give up blogging and just start copying your posts!
Addie said…
Oh my! I love the pictures of the paper whites. So beautiful. I've been meaning to plant some this year, so thank you for the reminder! Mom and I are trying to convince dad to let us create a black and white flower plot, so if he relents I'll definitely put them there. *smiles*

Beautiful post, Mrs. W! :)
Di said…
Oooh, Faith. LOVE the idea of a black and white garden. Ranunculus, roses, daisies...I've got the white ideas flowing. Now, black....tulips? What else? Would love to hear more.

And I think you need to come and sit at that table and enjoy a sunset with us. Don't you agree?

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