Theodore Roosevelt's Letters to His Children

On every page you can see Roosevelt's love of his children and his wife, his appreciation of plants and animals, and his ability to share that affection in writing with his children away from home. What an interesting and loving man.

From a letter to E.S. Martin, November, 1900

"Some of my Republican supporters in West Virginia have just sent me a small bear which the children of their own accord christened Jonathan Edwards, partly out of compliment to their mother's ancestor, and partly because they thought they detected some Calvinistic traits in the bear's character."

From a letter to son Ted, May, 1901

"Yesterday at dinner we were talking of how badly poor Mrs. Blank looked, and Kermit suddenly observed in an aside to Ethel, entirely unconscious that we were listening: "Oh, Effel, I'll tell you what Mrs. Blank looks like: Like Davis' hen dat died - you know, de one dat couldn't hop up on de perch." Naturally, this is purely a private anecdote."

Theodore Roosevelt's Letters to His Children


Anonymous said…
Hello dearie - What a lovely post. I have to say that it took my breath away just a bit to see the daffodils... they speak such life to me! I adore them. We continue to pray for your mom, but we also pray for you. I'm asking the Lord to keep you from borrowing ANYTHING from tomorrow. It will surely take care of itself. All love to you!
Alison said…
Hi Diane,
Where did you find this book? It is so lovely.

I'm going to check if our library has it.
Di said…
I found it on amazon for a very good price. When I went back to create this post, though, the ones that were listed there were quite expensive. I'd keep my eyes on amazon and on abes books to see if you can find it more affordably. Or find a decent used bookstore to search for you. It's a refreshing and fun book.
stephseef said…
love from the dork of the century double poster,

Di said…
Dear D of the C D P,

Love YOU!


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