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Did I Get Married Too Young? , Wall Street Journal, February 11, 2010
"As focused as we young adults are on self-development, what if the path to that development is actually learning to live with and love another person? We may be startled to find that the greatest adventure lies not in knowing oneself as much as in knowing and committing to another person. Sure, freedom is great—but as John Paul II reminded us, 'Freedom exists for the sake of love.'"

When is young too young?
What do young people need to have accomplished before marriage? Why do I think whatever I answered for that question?
What does that mean for the years leading up to marriage?
What's it all about, Alfie?

Thinking and wondering and happy that someone is writing interesting articles to make the dinner time conversations lively and opinionated.


Anonymous said…
Great questions..and what a great idea to bring them up at the dinner table. I enjoyed the article. I think one key for the school/debt problem is: if one of partner is still in college, he/she needs to STAY in college. That piece of paper makes such a big difference in today's world.

On the other side of the coin. A few months ago I read an article advocating later marriage. Another blogger brought up a pertinent point: People moving into their 30's and beyond often begin to get settled in their ways. When you have two people already "set in their ways" joining together in marriage there might be some difficulties. Young couples tend to grow and learn together. It struck home with me because my husband is 8 yrs older than I and it has been an issue in our marriage.
Islandsparrow said…
Thanks for the great article! I married young and don't regret it a bit. 2 of my boys married young - I emailed the article to them. Very encouraging!

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