Daily beauty

My creation


Patricia said…
Daily beauty, indeed. What a lovely collage, Di. Stunning. Truly.

I think of you and your mother often, when my sight lingers on my own blue and white gingham tablecloth.

Rejoice in the Lord always. Happy Easter!
Carol in Oregon said…
Stunning! (I know Patricia already said it but those were my thoughts before I read hers)

Simply. Stunning.

I love your eyes and am thankful you allow us to see what you see.

Beautiful Pascha, my friend.
Anonymous said…
Wow, Mommy! Are those *all* duck eggs? :)

Di said…
Sorry, Madelaine, no. They are Mrs. Morgan's chicken eggs. She had NINETY SIX dozen eggs in her frig and she asked if she could bring me ten (or more) dozen so she could make room (-:

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